Swedish Officials Say Mother No Longer Suspected Of Locking Up Her Son



Authorities in Sweden have released a 70-year-old woman accused of locking up her son for the past 28 years. Investigators said that they found no evidence that the 41-year-old man was being held against his will in his mother's apartment.

"Our forensic investigation of the apartment did not find signs which suggested the man was held there against his will," prosecutor Emma Olsson told Reuters. "No locked doors or spaces ... or equipment for tying someone up."

A relative, identified as the man's sister, went to check on the apartment after their mother had been admitted to the hospital for an undisclosed condition on Sunday (November 30). Inside, she found her brother lying on pillows and blankets in the kitchen. She said he had no teeth, was covered in bruises and sores and was slurring his speech. The man was taken to the hospital, where he continues to receive treatment.

Officials said that the man's injuries were not caused by mistreatment by his mother and were instead the result of ill-health. Authorities did not provide an update on his condition or say what specifically caused his injuries.

"It's most important now to help both of them and not look for a scapegoat," Olsson said.

Photo: Getty Images