Trio May Face Hate Crime, Terrorism Charges For Thanksgiving Shooting Spree

A trio accused of going on an 11-hour mass shooting spree in Las Vegas and Arizona on Thanksgiving could face hate crime and terrorism charges. Authorities said that Shawn McDonnell, 30, Christopher McDonnell, 28, and Kayleigh Lewis, 25, opened fire at random customers inside of a 7-Eleven in Henderson, Nevada, killing one person and wounding four others.

The trio then fled and started randomly shooting at motorists along the highway as they made their way to Arizona. Officers tried to pull over the suspects in Parker, Arizona, but they fled, leading the police on a high-speed chase, which ended in a crash.

Shawn McDonnell was shot by Arizona State Troopers after he allegedly pointed a handgun at them. McDonnell was airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas and is in the custody of the Henderson police. The other two were removed from their wrecked Toyota Camry and taken to a hospital in Arizona for treatment.

Officials in Nevada and Arizona are reviewing the case, and the trio could face charges in both states.

Investigators said that Christopher McDonnell claimed that his brother told him to "shoot the black guy" while referencing an "upcoming war." Authorities suggested that shooting at random vehicles on the highway could be considered an act of terrorism.

"Once we get our arms around this, it's going to be quite a case," Michael Schwartzer, a Chief deputy Clark County district attorney, said. "We're still trying to find out what happened." The trio could face the death penalty if they are convicted in Nevada.

Photo: Clark County District Attorney's Office