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Town Demands Residents Have Their Appendixes Removed To Live There

When it comes to real estate, there's that famous saying that the most important thing is "location, location, location." While you want to live in a place that's right for you, there are plenty of other factors to consider, like if the area you are moving to has any kind of stringent or strange rules. There are laws and bylaws in some places that direct residents on how to and when to put up decorations for Christmas or Halloween, if a family member can live with them, there are even laws pertaining to riding a llama. However to live in one town, you have to do something pretty extreme - have your appendix removed.

That's the requirement to reside in Villas Las Estrellas, and 100 inhabitants have already done it, but the rule actually makes a lot of sense. The town is one of two civilian settlements in Antarctica. Located on Chile's Frei base, the area is made up mostly of researchers and military personal. According to the BBC, because of Villas Las Estrellas' incredibly remote location, some 625 miles from the nearest hospital, appendicitis could be fatal to residents since there is no way to immediately treat it. Removing the appendix eliminates that risk.

Villa Las EstrellasPhoto: Getty Images

While the town boasts a post office, a school, a bank and other necessary facilities, living there can be tough. Because of the limited healthcare, pregnancies are discouraged. Also, dogs aren't allowed because they could spread diseases to the local wildlife.

As for the weather, in the summer, a hot day might top 35 degrees. On the other hand, in the winter, temperatures can get really bad, dropping to -170 degrees. In fact, it gets so cold that residents are required to stay indoors during the season because they could freeze to death.

On the upside though, living in Villas Las Estrellas provides an opportunity to see the local penguins, who are said to be rather friendly. There's also plenty of skiing and snowmobiling available.