Security Guard Facing Second-Degree Murder Charge In Denver Rally Shooting

The private security guard accused of fatally shooting another man during a protest rally in Denver, Colorado, is facing charges of second-degree murderMatthew Dolloff, 30, was hired by a local news station to protect their reporters during dueling rallies between right-wing "patriots" and left-wing counter-protesters.

During the rally, Lee Keltner, 49, got into a heated argument with another man, and witnesses thought they were going to fight. Dolloff and another man intervened in the confrontation. Ketner turned his attention toward Dolloff and struck him in the head. As Ketner deployed a pepper spray, Dolloff pulled out his gun and opened fire, striking Ketner.

Ketner was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Dolloff claims he was defending himself and the reporters he was hired to protect.

"He was not there on behalf of any organization or to advance any political agenda. You can see in the images that he put his body in between the protester and the reporter. Matt was doing everything he was supposed to do and everything he was trained to do," Dolloff's attorney, Doug Richards, told the Denver Post. "Even if he didn't carry the special Denver security license, it didn't stop Pinkerton from sending Matt into that job, and it doesn't change the fact that Matt was acting in self-defense."

If he is convicted of second-degree murder, Dolloff faces between 16-48 years in jail.

Photo: Denver Police