Mail Carrier's Quick Thinking Saved A Man Injured In A Chainsaw Accident

A mail carrier is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a man who was injured in a chainsaw accidentFernando Garcia was on his daily route in Norwalk, California when he heard the man's family screaming for help.

Garcia rushed over and saw the man holding his arm, which was covered in blood.

"When he turned around, I saw that he was holding his left arm," Garcia told KCAL. "And he was just covered in blood."

Garcia didn't hesitate and removed his belt, which he used as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

"Looped it through the hole, put it around his arm, tighten it as best as I could, and just wrapped it up," he said. "And held it there as best as I could."

The man was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for his gruesome injury. The man's family said he has since been released from the hospital and is beginning to regain movement in his hand.

After Garcia finished helping the injured man, he didn't take the rest of the day off. Instead, he went to Target to buy a new shirt and belt to replace his blood-stained clothing, so he could continue to deliver the mail.

"We are very proud of letter carrier Fernando Garcia and thankful for his swift, heroic action in helping a customer in dire need of assistance," the Postal Service said in a statement to CNN. "Our postal carriers truly are the eyes and ears in the community."

Photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Norwalk Station