Boeing to Temporarily Cease Delivery of all 737 MAX-8 Jets

Boeing will keep building new 737 Max planes

Boeing announced late Thursday that the company would temporarily cease delivery of its 737 Max jets to airlines around the world while investigators try to learn why two of their planes crashed a few minutes after takeoff. However, the aerospace company said they will continue building the planes. The 737 Max jet is Boeing's biggest seller, with more than 4,500 on order for carriers around the world.

The jetliners were grounded indefinitely worldwide this week a few days after the second crash of a 737 Max jet by Ethiopian Airlines on Sunday killed 157 people.

A preliminary investigation of the first Lion Air crash in October, showed that the pilots had to fight an automatic safety system for control of the jet after the system appeared to believe the plane was at risk of stalling. According to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, both of the fatal crashes shared similarities in their final moments.

Boeing said engineers were working on a software patch designed to make the planes safer, which is expected to be completed by next month. In the meantime, all 371 737 Max jets in service have been grounded indefinitely.

Photo: Getty Images


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