Gym Holds 'Fortnite' Classes To Get Kids Off The Couch


A chain of gyms in Europe is trying to cash in on the "Fortnite" craze in an effort to get kids more active. David Lloyd Clubs have created "Emote Royale" classes, in which kids can learn their favorite dance moves from the popular shooting game. 

According to Fox News, the gym worked with 12-year-old "consultants" to ensure the accuracy of the dance moves. With a Fortnitie-themed soundtrack blasting in the background, the kids will be taught how to perform 12 different victory dances or emotes as they are called in the game, such as the worm, the floss, the wiggle, and the robot.

The gym decided to create the classes after they did a poll and found that kids were planning to spend over two hours every day playing the game during their summer vacation. A spokesman for David Lloyd Clubs told The Resident that their goal is to "help keep everyone active this summer."

"We know that kids – and some parents – are huge fans of the Fortnite game, but excessive screen time can pose a problem for kids, meaning they’re not as active as they should be.

We’re always keen to introduce inventive classes to our varied timetables and the ‘Emote Royale’ class has been developed by kids, for kids, to help keep everyone active this summer and bring the popular computer game to life in a fun, active and original way."


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