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Using a Smartwatch to Monitor a Drug Binge

Straight out of the “You never know what they’ll think of next” file… People are using Fitbits and Apple Watches to monitor their heart rate when binging on drugs.  Christina Farr, reporter for CNBC joins us to talk about concerns that doctors have and also the weird game of people sharing their own screenshots of their elevated heart rate on forums like Reddit and Twitter.

The reunification of children and families is under way. A federal judge had issued a deadline for the government to reunite children under five with their parents and they are missing the deadline.  Trevor Hughes, reporter for USA Today joins us to discuss the difficulty of tracking all the kids and families and what happens to them after being reunited.

Finally, all of the Wild Boars are safe.  The last of the 12 boys and their soccer coach who were trapped in Thailand have made it out of the cave safely.  My producer Miranda joins us for a wrap up of the story that caught the attention of people all over the world.  We will tell you how they were rescued, the first thing they ate when they got out, and any health problems they may still face.



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