The police chief of Alexandria, Virginia is praising the quick actions of his officers and those of Capitol Police in responding to a ball park shooting last week.  At a news conference on Monday (June 19), Chief Mike Brown said it took just four minutes and 38 seconds for officers to respond, shoot and kill suspected shooter James Hodgkinson after he opened fire at a GOP congressional baseball team practice. 

 Brown laid out the details of how officers responded to the shooting last Wednesday.  He said it took unbelievable courage for two plainclothes officers from the Capitol Police to immediately engage Hodgkinson when the shooting started.  He also praised the officers of the Alexandria Police Department for "answering the call" and stepping into a dangerous situation."

 Congressman Steve Scalise, who was shot in the attack, is showing improvement after undergoing another surgery over the weekend. Officials at Medstar Washington Hospital Center say Scalise is now in serious condition.  Doctors say Scalise is now able to communicate with family and friends. 

Photo: Getty Images