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Sunday, March 22, 2015

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This past week Martese Johnson---an African-American U. Va. ​Honor
Student---from Chicago---​was badly beaten by ​Alcohol
Beverage Control ​agents after being denied entry to the Trinity
Irish Pub in Charlottesville, Virginia, at the edge of the college's
campus. Otis James Byrd---an African-American man was found
hanging from a tree in Claiborne County, Mississippi---some
speculate that this was a "suicide", but it's the possibility that
this could have been a lynching that has the U.S. Department of
Justice involved... A couple weeks ago ​THE GUARDIAN​ newspaper reported that
the CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT has been operating an
"of -the-books" interrogation compound---also known as a
"BLACK SITE"---where arrestees have been beaten---gone
unreported and have been kept of -the-books---and more...
Over the past few years Americans all over the country have
been engaged in protests highlighting police misconduct and
abuses of their power. But, as protests have erupted in Wisconsin in the wake of the
killing of Tony Robinson, there is a ray of hope. Wisconsin has a year-old law that requires that an agency external to the Police Department investigates
Police shootings. And, one of our Special Guests today, retired US Air
Force Lt. Col. Michael Bell, was the prime mover of this law in the aftermath of the Police killing of his son, Michael. Yet, he says that this law doesn't go far enough. Retired USAF Lt. Col. Michael Bell is with us today, to share his suggestions to this broken system.But, these cases and those like them highlight the tremendous
power of a Mayor, for it is they who control the local Police Department.
And, so Americans are marching all over the nation and to the polls.
New York elected Mayor Bill de Blasio on a mandate of change---especially in the realm of law enforcement: ​Will Chicago follow suit?

On April 7th we'll see...And, today we are joined by Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Cook
County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, who is considered
to be the "Candidate of Change"...The American People are moving, marching and voting...A "more, perfect Union" is within our grasp---all we have to do is
vote and act.

Let's talk...Joining Lt. Col. Michael Bell and Commissioner Garcia are:


BETTY MAGNESS:​​Civil Rights Veteran/Independent

Voters of Illinois/Rainbow-PUSH...

BRANDON JOHNSON:​​Chicago Public School

Teacher/Chicago Teachers' Union/WVON Talk Show Host...

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Today we dedicate our show to a member of our "KEEP HOPE

ALIVE..." Family...Our Brother Beloved, Danny "The News

Dissector" Schechter, passed away...

He was a "Journalist's Journalist"---he'd won Emmys for

his work on ABC's "20/20" and was one of the pioneers of

an unknown start-up called CNN---He was an economist

with a Master's from the London School of

Economics---He was a noted documentarian and author,

whose latest book was "MADIBA: A to Z"...

Danny was a fearless Freedom Fighter and man of

profound principles...

But, above all he was my Friend and Brother and I

will always love and miss him...

God bless you, Danny Schechter...

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